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Perfect Colour Rendition

Soraa's unique VP₃ VividColour™ offers unparallelled colour rendition. Most other LED lights ignore the importance of full spectrum light, particularly the violet end of the spectrum.

In it's simplest form colour rendition is typically defined by CRI ("Colour Rendition Index") which uses a defined set of eight pastel colours and measures how close they appear to as they would under natural light when illuminated by the artificial light source. We don't live in a world of pastels, and CRI was expanded to include deep colours, in particular a 9th colour, red, whose rendering is defined as the "R9" value.

Soraa lamps don't aim to match one colour at a time to their 'natural equivilents' but concentrate on a continuous spectrum of light, in which all colours - be they pastel or vivid - appear as intended and as they would under a natural light source.

Violet - The Spectrum Doesn't Stop at Blue

Soraa recognises that natural visible light starts at violet and ends at red - therefore great colour rendition requires light to have every wavelength from 400nm to 700nm and everything in between.

The Soraa GaN-on-GaN™ technology produces an LED that emits violet light at a peak frequency between 410 and 420nm, not blue light like most other LEDs. This then excites a mix of three phosphors containing a blue, green and red phosphor which reduces the frequency of light so it covers the entire range down to 700nm or deep vivid red.

Soraa developed this technology and call it Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor or VP₃. All Soraa lamps are built on this unique technology.

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