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Bright, Natural, Whites

Soraa's unique VP₃ Natural White™ technology uses full spectrum light to ensure whites have the same appearance as they would under natural light.

Most LEDs are based on a blue source, which excites phosphors of other colours to produce 'white' light from blue, green and red. However, this ignores the importance of violet which is important in our perception of white.

Our perception of whte is influenced by the presence of flourescent whitening agents which occur naturally and in manufactured products (e.g. paint). These whitening agents are excited by the violet content of visible light which natural light sources (and incandescent lamps) have always contained.

The ever-prevelant blue-based LEDs are slowly removing the nuances of white. With their complete lack of violet content, whites appear duller and washed out.

Soraa's unique violet-based LEDs provide this 'missing' colour and whites appear bright as they should.

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