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Perfect Spectrum of Light

A perfect spectrum of light should contain all the visible wavelengths, but exclude the potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation which is present in daylight which is traditionally considered to be the 'perfect' light source.

Many competing LED products, are missing large portions of the spectrum, especially violet, light blues and deep reds, as a result colours are not rendered correctly and some objects, particularly natural materials can look very different under LED lighting compared to their traditional incandescent counterparts.

Soraa LED is different - it contains the full visible spectrum, but no UV or IR radiation, producing beautiful natural light in the most efficient manner as no energy is wasted producing unnecessary heat or unbalanced amounts of light in different parts of the spectrum.

Perfect Colour

When light sources with low color rendering capabilities are compared side by side with perfect spectrum light sources, the difference is dramatic. Soraa Vivid lamps, with 95 CRI and 95 R9, render parts of the spectrum missing from competing Low CRI LEDs, such as deep reds, cyans, and violet.

Many of the things that are most important to us in our environment- faces, food, fabrics, furniture, and finishes- contain complex colors that don’t look quite right unless they are lit with full spectrum light containing these essential colors.

Deep red and cyan are particularly importing for lighting food, and the appearance of food is very important in the hospitality sector. Perfect colour also reflects skin tone better, which has been associated with making customers feel better.

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Perfect Beam

Most LED lamps have irregular beam patterns, with poor consistency of colour from the centre of the beam to the edge. When choosing lamps it's important to consider this along with Centre Beam Candle Power ("CBCP"), field and beam angles.

Soraa's unique single source LED provides a perfect circular beam with good centre-to-edge colour consistency, and minimal spill.

Additionally, the single source LED eliminates multiple shadows associated with most LED lamps, and even some halogen MR16s which have less than perfect shadows due to the multi-faceted metallic reflector.

It is this "Perfect Beam" technology that enables the innovative Soraa Snap System of accessories, which would not be possible with traditional multi-source LEDs.

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