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Unique GaN on GaN Technology

Soraa's unique GaN on GaN (Gallium Nitride on Gallium Nitride) LED material allows reliable operation at very high current densities. It has 1000x fewer defect that a conventional LED source which typically has a GaN layer atop a cheaper foreign substrate such as silicon carbide or sapphire.

This unique application of GaN allows Soraa LED to emit up to 10x more light per unit area of the LED material than competing LED products. GaN on GaN's optical transparency and high conductivity enable a very robust, simple LED design that delivers maximum light output and performance from a single source.

The illustration to the right shows the near perfect suface of Soraa's GaN on GaN technology compared to a typical LED that would be employed in a competing product. The difference is clear.

Unrivalled LED Performance

In February 2013, Soraa announced world-record performance from its second generation GaN on GaN LEDs. Ideal for any application which requires very high light output from a small form factor, e.g. an MR16 lamp. This paved the way for the Soraa Premium 2 and Vivid 2 products and has been further developed to facilitate the new VP₃ Vivid Colour and Natural White technologies found in the current range of Soraa lamps.

Additionally Soraa's GaN on GaN LED products can tolerate much higher temperatures, enabling a more compact and elegant lamp design, passively cooled, that produces light output that can match the brightest halogen lamps available.

The thermal properties of Soraa LED enable lamps that can operate at temperatures of up to 120°C with no loss of performance or premature failure, ideal for use in compact fixtures where ventilation is not optimal including enclosed outdoor fixtures.

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