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Soraa Store has rebranded as Soraa Store by The Stage Group (formerly StageLamps)

The Stage Group is a well-established supplier of specialist lighting to the theatre and entertainment industry. The Soraa lamp fits well with this niche market due to its uniquely high CRI and full spectrum, making it a viable alternative for use in the demanding theatre environment.

Soraa Store was created to bring these revolutionary LED lamps to a wider audience.

Why not buy from StageLamps / TSGStore?

Soraa Store has been created with the end user in mind, The Stage Group is a commercial supplier and only provides businesses and other organisations. On this site the price you see is the price you pay, shown inclusive of VAT. As a trade only supplier, the StageLamps website may list lower prices, but these will exclude VAT.

Do Soraa provide LED GLS lamps (e.g. BC or ES)?

No, not at present, although Soraa has recently introduced ES PAR and AR111 lamps to the range.
StageLamps offers a wider range of LED GLS Retrofit Lamps from a wide range of manufacturers.

Is there an exclusive arrangement between Soraa and The Stage Group?

No, The Stage Group have teamed up with Soraa's UK importer to offer Soraa lamps directly to the public but they can be found elsewhere. Likewise, The Stage Group provides a wide range of quality LED lamps from Philips, Osram, BLV, GE and more via stagelamps.co.uk, and is not exclusively supplying Soraa.

Who are Soraa?

Soraa, the manufacturer, was founded in 2008 in Goleta, California. We are not affiliated with them in any way.