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We have a wide range of Soraa lamps for immediate delivery, listed below at a fraction of their normal prices.

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MR16 Vivid
SM16-07-10D-927-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 7.5W 2700K 10° 10°2700K4 available£23.08
SM16-07-25D-927-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 7.5W 2700K 25° 25°2700K3 available£20.26
SM16-09-25D-927-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 9W 2700K 25° 25°2700K12 available£23.08
SM16-09-36D-927-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 9W 2700K 36° 36°2700K1 available£23.08
SM16-07-25D-930-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 7.5W 3000K 25° 25°3000K10 available£20.26
SM16-07-36D-930-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 7.5W 3000K 36° 36°3000K8 available£20.26
SM16-09-25D-930-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 9W 3000K 25° 25°3000K15 available£23.08
SM16-09-36D-930-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 9W 3000K 36° 36°3000K5 available£23.08
SM16-07-10D-940-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 7.5W 4000K 10° 10°4000K4 available£23.08
SM16-07-36D-940-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 7.5W 4000K 36° 36°4000K6 available£20.26
MR16 Brilliant
SM16-07-36D-827-03-S3Soraa MR16 Brilliant 7.5W 2700K 36° 36°2700K5 available£15.30
SM16-09-36D-827-03-S3Soraa MR16 Brilliant 9W 2700K 36° 36°2700K2 available£18.11
SM16-09-25D-830-03-S3Soraa MR16 Brilliant 9W 3000K 25° 25°3000K11 available£18.11
SM16-09-36D-830-03-S3Soraa MR16 Brilliant 9W 3000K 36° 36°3000K7 available£18.11
GU10 Vivid
SM16GW-07-10D-930-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 7.5W 3000k 10°  230V GU1010°3000K15 available£25.64
SM16GW-07-25D-930-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 7.5W 3000k 25°  230V GU1025°3000K4 available£23.08
SM16GW-07-10D-940-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 7.5W 4000k 10°  230V GU1010°4000K6 available£25.64
SM16GW-07-60D-940-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 7.5W 4000k 60°  230V GU1060°4000K11 available£25.64
SM16GW-07-10D-950-03-S3Soraa MR16 Vivid 7.5W 5000k 10°  230V GU1010°5000K1 available£25.64
GU10 Brilliant
SM16GW-07-36D-827-03-S3Soraa MR16 Brilliant 7.5W 2700k 36°  230V GU1036°2700K available£23.34
SM16GW-07-25D-830-03-S3Soraa MR16 Brilliant 7.5W 3000k 25°  230V GU1025°3000K13 available£23.34
PAR30 Vivid
SP30LW-18-36D-927-03-S3Soraa Vivid PAR30 ES 230V 18.5W 2700K 36D36°2700K7 available£45.06
SP30LW-18-09D-930-03-S3Soraa Vivid PAR30 ES 230V 18.5W 3000K 9D3000K available£47.14
AR111 Vivid
SR111-18-36D-930-03-S3Soraa SR111 Vivid AR111 G53 12V 18.5W 3000K 36D36°3000K1 available£42.17
Snap System
AC-E-CC-0001-00-S1Soraa Lens Changes correlated color temperature. CTO 1/4°K6 available£11.99
AC-E-GC-2525-00-S1Soraa Lens Changes beam angle to Gaussian Circular 25° 25°K4 available£4.90
AC-E-GC-3636-00-S1Soraa Lens Changes beam angle to Gaussian Circular 36° 36°K6 available£4.90
AC-E-GC-6060-00-S1Soraa Lens Changes beam angle to Gaussian Circular 60° °K9 available£4.90
AC-E-GE-1036-00-S1Soraa Lens Changes beam angle to 10x36°K5 available£11.99
AC-E-LU-4040-00-S1Soraa Lens 40 Degree Louver°K6 available£11.99
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Snap System  

Where indicated, some lamps featured above are compatible with the unique Soraa Snap System.

The Soraa Snap System is the first LED lamp/accessory solution that is optimized to work as an integrated system. Based on high brightness single source GaN on GaN™ LED technology combined with an innovative set of magnetic filters and lens attachments, it completely redefines accessory application.

Now you can achieve multiple distributions with single lamp specification, apply beam shapes that were never before possible, and fine tune installations for unique conditions and requirements. The Snap System has several beam shaping attachments, including beam spreaders, linear lenses, and "flat-tops" that provide rectangular beam distribution patterns to perfectly illuminate furniture, art, and other rectangular objects.